Our Vision

We Believe In Living Amongst Intelligent Design and Inspiring Art!

From its secret location, nestled deep in the southern tip of India’s most lush state, Kerala; The Niyati Boutique Stay summons you. It’s heritage property, which is named after the Sanskrit word meaning “Destiny”, stands proudly within the hidden streets of Fort Kochi, boasts seven amazing living quarters including three suites and four recessed alcoves alongside amazing rooftop terrace views, vaulted ceilings, exposed brick interiors, and hand-carved wood elements all encircling a verdant Chinese influenced rock garden.

Niyati has been designed with an amazing eye for high end living space filled with art and realized through the fingertips of Fort Kochi’s local architects, botanists, artists, designers and woodworkers. All these elements merge to create a stunning living environment that you must experience.

Francis Joseph, owner and founder of Niyati hotels envisaged a beautiful and relaxing space with vintage features and classic decor using refurbished wood throughout, hand worked and laid by local carpenters Augustine, Xavier, Jose and John. The Art Decor and design has been influenced by Chicago based artist William Jerard and inspired by His findings in the surrounding area.

“Destiny is calling, let it bring you here.” – Francis Joseph, Owner and Founder of Niyati Hotel

Over the years Niyati has evolved into a space which reciprocates with a mindful and heartful soul. We at Niyati believes in giving service both spiritually and materialistically at our finest.

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